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As a full service Advertising Specialty company LogoWest Promotional Products can design a custom service/recognition and safety award program tailored to your budget and diverse employee requirements. Whether you are a small business or a large corporation LogoWest will design a program that you will be proud of to say thank you to the people that make your company shine. Our 25 Years of gifting from premier suppliers will give you branded options that employees will be glad to choose from. Not only can LogoWest provide a custom online catalog for you and your associates to navigate through and we can also provide you with a hard / printable copy as well. Take a look at the information below to find out more about LogoWest Promotional Products Awards Programs.


Symbolic Awards have many different applications and advantages

Ideally Suited for the Following Applications:


  •     Awards for Recognition                          
  •     Corporate Identity Programs
  •     Client Appreciation Gifts
  •     Fund Raising Gifts
  •     Patent Relation
  •     Public Relation Events

Also suited for these applications: 


  •     Safety Recognition
  •     Service Awards
  •     Training Recognition
  •     Board of Directors Gifts
  •     Company Anniversaries
  •     Retirement Gifts
  •     Sales Recognition

Advantages Of Awards Programs:


  •     Product Continuity
  •     No Minimums
  •     Inexpensive Start-Up Tooling Costs
  •     High Profile Employee Selection Materials
  •     Single Source Complete Program Supply line
  •     Prestige Gift Packaging
  •     Lifetime Product Warranty (against manufacture’s defects)  
  •     High Perceived Value
  •     Exclusive Awards not Comparable at Retail

Award Recognition and Why It Will Help Your Business Grow

Employees respond to appreciation at work, especially when it’s expressed through recognition of their efforts because it confirms their work is valued. A simple thank you goes a long way and will not only make your employees feel good, but will actually benefit your business in the process. Here’s how:

1. Productivity

It’s well-known that engaged staff are significantly more productive, working efficiently and proactively in order to do a good job.  If efforts are likely to be praised and rewarded, then it makes sense that a member of staff will work harder to receive such employee recognition.

2. Job satisfaction

Recognizing an employee’s efforts demonstrates that the job they’re doing is valuable to the business. It sends the message that their hard work is worth rewarding and therefore must be important. This, in turn, makes the individual feel that they are making a difference.

3. Employee happiness

A happy and fulfilled employee can be motivated to perform better because of the positive feeling they have towards the company.  If an employer treats its staff with respect and gratitude, then those staff members will want to do a good job in return. This positivity can also be felt across the business, creating a happy working environment that people will want to be a part of.

4. Retention

A high staff turnover leads to poor morale that can make others want to look elsewhere. The time required to find and train new staff affects utilization and the fiscal costs are high, so retaining staff has to be a priority. The provision of rewards gives employees a tangible reason to stay.

5. Loyalty

If your employees are engaged with your business, they will be able to promote and sell your brand far better than someone who does not believe in or care about it. Rewarding hard work generates loyalty and helps your team to feel an emotional bond with your organization.

6. Team culture

Rewards that incorporate peer-to-peer recommendations are great for team spirit, as they encourage staff to see the positive attributes in one another. Teams are well-placed to do this, as they work alongside each other every day. Plus, allowing colleagues to nominate one another for rewards is empowering, as it demonstrates that they value each other’s opinion.

When you're looking for an employee recognition award, look to LogoWest for all of your rewards needs. Give us a call today to find out more about how an employee recognition award is right for you and your business.

Corporate Identity Programs & How They Help Your Company Grow

What does rewarding employees mean?

Whether it’s for reaching specific goals, implementing new ideas, or going the extra mile, rewarding employees is about honoring what people achieve in the workplace. The essence of rewarding employees is reinforcing specific behaviors and motivating people to perform better.

Why is it important to reward employees?

A smart employee recognition system is a win-win for both the organization and its associates. Indeed, while high performance brings bonuses to your staff, it also supports the organizational goals and values your business promotes. Here are the central perks of creating an employee recognition program:

  • Satisfaction. Greater enjoyment of work is what employees experience when they are involved in an internal awards system.
  • Feedback. To achieve more, you have to know the directions. Internal award programs involve frequent performance evaluations. By collecting direct feedbacks, employees get great guidance.
  • Low turnover. Employees who perform high-quality work and know your organization from A to Z are a special value for your business. In this context, keeping turnover low is vital.
  • Teamwork perks. The more people who stay with your organization long-term, the healthier the atmosphere inside you team is. Enhanced teamwork generates more effective collaboration which is key to building a powerful business strategy.
  • Time- and cost-efficiency. Since intrinsic rewards for employees benefit retention, business owners save much time and the cost they would have otherwise spent training new hires.

How can you reward your employees?

Organizing an internal reward system requires two things: the knowledge of the goals your employees have and the ability to generate value for your staff through appropriate awards.

  • Let employees know what value they bring. A crisis of employee motivation is often caused by low understanding of value that a team generates for an organization. Set up regular one-on-one meetings with employees to inform them about their contributions to the bottom line.
  • Communicate the vision. Share the vision that you have for the future of your organization at team presentations, creative events, and meetings.
  • Set up performance reviews. To keep an eye open for how employees are doing in your organization, have regular performance review meetings.
  • Personalize nominations. Awarding isn’t a one-size-fits-all. Nominate employees based on the number of years of service, their occupations, professional interests, and personality types to keep satisfaction high.

Types of awards for employees

On-the-spot awards

There are some milestones that your employees most likely surpass every day. To reward their efforts, you can offer on-the-spot rewards like a creative badge for every achievement, a bar of chocolate, and more. We have the tools at LogoWest for you to be able to customize your on the spot award.

Inhouse awards events

For those companies that want to attract public attention to employee rewards and generate buzz, organizing in-house awards events is vital. Plan an awards ceremony based on a specific theme and enhance company/team recognition in this target field. Our team at LogoWest, have an asortment of different types of awards you can choose from to personalize for your event.

Social media awards campaigns

With the growth of social media hype, it’s possible there’s an employee recognition idea for every cause. Launch creative social media awards if you want to build quick win-and-go experiences. Take a look at our selection of different awards you can use for social media campaigns.

Importance of Client Appreciation Gifts

Did you know that giving our special little gifts to clients can cause an increase to customer retention by 5% and can increase profits for your business by 25%-95%?

Celebrate milestones

Your clients’ success is your success, so celebrate milestones together! On that note, setting goals shows that you’re invested in your client’s future. Acknowledge your clients’ hard work and celebrate when you achieve these goals together. This can be done with simple greeting cards that are personalized for your business to the client specifically; or you can have personalized trinkets, drinkware, or anything you could think of that your clients would appreciate. By doing this, your not only showing that your invested in your client, but also standing apart from other companies in the area as well. LogoWest has it all!

Send "thank you" gifts

Sending a gift is an empty gesture if the “thank you” behind it is not truly genuine. However, gifts are proven to be an important part of successful customer loyalty. Things that would be great for a thank you gift could be any of the following: Books, Personalized Chocolates, and Apparel. Some Unconventional ideas for gifts: A personalized Company Jacket, or how about a Poker set with your companies logo, or even a nice Duffel Bag for camping trips and vacations with your logo? Anything you can think of LogoWest is sure to have! Take a look at our selection and find out what would best suit your companies client appreciation gifts.

Importance of Fundraising Gifts

You have been tasked to host a Fundraiser benefit for a charity. With this task, you will have many responsibilities to take care of, one of them being fundraising gifts.

What is a fundraising gift?

A fundraising gift is a little "Thank-You" gift from the organizers at the fundraiser to thank you for participating and donating to the cause.

What this means is...

By gifting each of your fundraisers donors, your are showing them appreciation for participating in a great cause and also showing them that their presance is beneficial and valued. Your also creating an environment which will generate a lot of word of mouth. Generating word of mouth is greatly beneficial for your fundraiser to continue to grow.

Having other incentives, such as if you donate x amount you will be eligible for y as a gift (X being a denomination and Y being the "incentive/gift"); will allow you to personalize much grander gifts to the donors, thus the result being a greater turnout for the next event. Such incentives could be things like: Personalized Golf Set, Jackets, Games, Drinkware, Bags & Luggage, Blankets ect. All containing the name/logo of the fundraiser.

At Logo west, we are your number one spot to turn to for any fundraiser gift. With a vast selection to choose from and brands you know and trust, you can guarantee your product will be exactly what you want when you want it.

Importance of Patent Recognition

Recognition is “An after-the-fact display of appreciation or acknowledgement of an individual or team’s desired behavior, effort, or business result that supports the organization’s goals and values.” Recognition is more then simply throwing a party, giving an employee a gift, or saying thank you. It is an acknowledgement that intentionally links employee behavior to corporate goals! A good recognition program includes rewards, awards, and incentives. Patents take a great amount of time, work and effort. LogoWest understands that and wants to help you on your journey of acknowledging your employees hard work and dedication.

Reward: An item given to an individual or team for meeting a pre-determined goal. This is a great way to show your team that you appreciate all of their hard work. This could be in the form of something like a leather notebook with the company logo displayed, or even a personalized jacket for each member.

Award: An item given to an individual or team to commemorate a specified achievement. This is a great way to show everyone that you appreciate their hard work for the company whether it be years of service, achieving a company milestone, or even getting that business deal that has taken the last few months to finalize. This award could be given in the form of a Trophy, plaque, or even something much much larger like Golf Clubs, customized luggage, or even a beautiful watch. LogoWest has all the choices in the world to best suit your companies needs.

Incentive: A contingent reward based on achievement of pre-determined performance results within a specific time period. This is great when having a company contest such as "who will sign the most new clients, or, who will be the first one to complete all the safety training, or, if we can raise such and such amount by such and such date". All of these are great ways to create motivation and drive in the workplace. Examples of incentive gifts could be anything from shirts, hats, and other apparel to things like drinkware, brief cases, bags, jewlery and more! All of which you can easily find here at LogoWest.

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