Recognizing and Rewarding Workplace Safety

Managerial reinforcement of safety performance should be positive, proactive, and designed to help employees understand when, where, and what forms of safety behaivours are expected. Recognizing and rewarding employees for compliance with safety protocols and successful progression toward and achievement of their safety goals is one way to develope, and more importantly, reinforce, an organizational norm that working safely is valued and expected.

Any incentives-based safety program must be carefully structrued and uniformly administered, otherwise it will fail to increase safety performance.

The importance of awarding someone who practices safety in the workplace, is showing them that their efforts are recognized and appreciated. When rewards/awards are offered, they must be tailored to a specific set of safety behaivours in order for clear postive reception. At LogoWest we are able to tailor your awards/rewards to what your company needs. We have a great selection of Safety Apparel that would suit this award; but, we also have a vast amount of award trophies/plaques ect to fit your needs as well.

Giving awards for Safety Training is also another way to recognize your employees' accomplishments. The award should reflect the elements of the safety program that the employee has just completed. This will also show your employee that you value their hard work and commitment they have put into their job, thus making the employee feel more connected, motivated, and a part of the team.

Give us a call today to find out more about our Safety awards and we can help you determine the best award for your business needs.

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